Playground and Surface Product Testing

Playground and Surface Testing

Field Testing Equipment ( Companies )

Acousto-Scan has Impact Attenuation equipment for sale to companies for field testing. The equipment has to be calibrated by a NATA Laboratory every 2 years, and the tester needs to be a competent person . ( Trained by the manufacture to perform the test using equipment that is calibrated).

You don’t need to be a NATA laboratory for field testing.

Equipment available in Australia for Impact Testing to AS4422:2016

Wireless Value PLATINUM (Bluetooth)

This is free fall head with a Bluetooth system so there is no cables to interact with the head as it falls.

Uniaxe 11 ( Guided Rail)

I no longer have available for sale , There are several companies using them and are calibrated to do testing  as they are still calibrated every two years.

Companies able to Test Your Impact Surface.
These are Trained Companies that have calibrated equipment to do surface testing to AS4422:2016

List of companies that have calibrated equipment tested to AS4422:2016 by a NATA certified ISO/IEC 17025 laboratory, and have competent people who have been trained to perform the testing.

Playtest NSW

Playtest Vic

Playtest QLD

Playtest SA

MARY Dounis  The Playground Inspector Pty Ltd;

NT Surfacing

Play  DMC

PIP Playground Inspection Protection

NTShade and rubber               


Park Man

Performance Sport and Play

Playsafe New Zealand

Acousto-Scan has trained and certified these operators to be able to perform field testing to AS4422:2016

The training course instructs the operators in Impact testing using the Wireless Value Platinum equipment in,  assembly, operation, testing and reporting

AS4422 2.5 States that for  ON-SITE TESTING  A competent person shall undertake on-site surface impact testing

AS4422 1.4.1 A person who has, through a combination of training, education and experience, acquired knowledge and skills enabling that person to correctly perform a specified task

This is achieved by training of the equipment from the recommended manufacture who can also calibrate the equipment in Australia. (Acousto-Scan Pty Ltd)

AS4685.0 :2017 requires testing of the Impact Attenuation surfaces every three(3) years.

Therefore more people will be needed to test surfaces for  Child care centres and council playgrounds around Australia.

AS4422.8.5.6 Regular testing of impact attenuating surfaces.

As a minimum, unitary surfacing shall be tested in accordance with AS/NZS 4422 at least every three years.