1. The use of synthetic sports surfacing such as artificial turfs etc has made great inroads into most sporting activities in recent years. These products offer advantages in playing conditions, all weather availability and maintenance costs.

2. Artificial surfacings are being officially used in a variety of sports, noteably as AFL fields ,hockey pitches, soccer fields, tennis courts, athletic tracks, lawn bowls etc. To ensure the products and installations meet the required quality they can be tested to applicable Standards (AS, BS and EN in particular) or to the protocols proposed by the different international sports organisations, such as FIH, FIFA, IAAF, LTA, AFL/CA etc. Some of these relevant sports are listed

3. Acousto-Scan has been actively involved in the writing of the AFL/CA standard for artificial surfaces . Safety is the main requirement for the surface as the players do jump when playing. Therefore the surface is designed to comply to AS4422:2016 with a critical fall height of 1.3m