The International Amateur Athletics Federation (IAAF), the international body controlling athletics throughout the world, has introduced a certification scheme for athletic equipment, implements and installations. For running tracks the specifications and tests can be summarised as follows:

Track Specifications:

1.1 Imperfections

No surface imperfections such as bubbles, fissures, delaminations etc shall be acceptable.

1.2 Surface flatness

No localised bumps greater than 6mm below 4 m straight edge, 3 mm below 1 m edge.

1.3 Surface thickness

Surface shall be at least 12 mm – nowhere less than 10 mm

1.4 Force Reduction

Berlin Athlete value must be greater than 35 %

1.5 Modified Vertical Deformation

Stuttgart Athlete value must lie between 0.6 and 1.8 mm

1.6 Friction

Must be greater than 0.5 wet as measured by the BTRRL friction tester .

1.7 Tensile Properties

Minimun tensile strengths: Porous 0.4 MPa, Non-Porous 0.5 MPa

1.8 Colour

Uniform to one position of the Methuen Handbook of Colour

1.9 Drainage

Must drain of excess water in less than 20 min.