Laboratory Testing

Laboratory Testing

AS4422:2016 specified that to do Laboratory test you need to be NATA ILAC certified

Test Report 

AS422:2016 2.6.1 Tests carried out in a laboratory

The laboratory test report shall be undertaken by a laboratory that fulfils the requirements of AS ISO/IEC 17025 and shall include the following:  (or a NATA recognised ILAC MRA laboratory)

Acousto-Scan have tested impact Attenuation products that comply to AS4422. These products have been tested by Acousto-Scan which is a NATA ILAC ISO/IEC 17025:2017 test laboratory with the scope of accreditation conforming to AS4422  .

NATA have a list of laboratories that comply to ISO17025:2017 for AS4422 testing

Impact Products That comply to AS4422

This link downloads a list of products that are compliant  to AS4422. These products have been tested and comply to AS4422:2016 and AS4685.0 appendix D . This is a list of companies that have had their products tested and are compliant to AS4422:2016 and have been tested in the last three (3) years.

Products tested are Wet Pour Rubber systems, Bark Mulch systems , Sand systems, It have been difficult to get sand systems that are compliant in all states.

Sand in NSW, VIC and SA is very fine and doesn’t have a high CFH. QLD river sand has a high CFH.

Bark Mulch can be too sharp or dusty. 30% of the products I have tested fail the sharps test (therefore companies send me a small sample before they send a large bulka bag)

The other test laboratories that performed testing to AS4422:2016 have stopped testing as they are not ISO/IEC 17025 compliant. This leaves Acousto-Scan with a unique possibility to know who has tested their products. and who is compliant to AS4422. The list will be going to Kidsafe to publish. So schools and child care centres know what products are safe.